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At the core of our company is our Asphalt Division. Our asphalt crews lay various quantities while maintaining high-quality workmanship, upholding the highest of health and safety standards, minimizing our intrusion to the general public, and leaving a clean site. With multiple pavers and rollers, we pave multiple lanes and intersections quickly while greatly reducing the number of cold seams. To supplement our asphaltic capabilities, our milling division gives Park-Aid the ability to perform mill and paves which is advantageous for municipal and provincial work.

As part of our commitment to safety, Park-Aid ensures that the job is safe for the public and its employees before commencing work. This includes engineered traffic control methods, flaggers, proper construction site signage, barricades/fencing, and coordination with emergency services.


With an extensive fleet of pavers and rollers, we uniformly and efficiently lay asphalt in multiple drive lanes at once. This increases daily production and reduces the duration required to complete the contract. By utilizing multiple pavers, we reduce the duration of traffic stoppages that occur when paving through intersections. This also eliminates cold seams. Behind our quality equipment is a quality crew. With top-notch crews and five-star equipment, we pave our roads with distinction and pride. When the job is complete, the consumer is given an attractive finished product that is free of deficiencies.


Using a pick-up machine, or the conventional method of pushing a dump truck, we provide highway construction using a method agreed upon by estimators, engineers, project managers, and clients. We gladly work with consumers and contractors to perform work that is economical, practical, and beneficial to all. Park-Aid, if required, will operate multiple crews to perform work 24 hours a day.

Parking Lots

As one of the first aspects of our company, we have asphalt equipment small enough to pave your parking lot, yet large enough to complete the job in a timely fashion. With the ability to work around other sub-trades, we will provide a timeline that allows alleviation of conflicts that could potentially arise with other contractors.

Driveways and Pathways

If you require a trail or driveway, contact us to provide you with a quote for affordable and quality work. With professional crews, youth are safe around our crews. There is zero-tolerance for misconduct, and employees will face immediate dismissal for any actions that are not suitable.

Patching and Pothole repair

With a hot pot and a tack pot, we can provide temporary solutions to your surface issues. Initially, we will sawcut around the bad spot to create a clean seam. Secondly, we will remove the asphalt and any poor base material beneath it. Furthermore, we will provide new base material, compact it, and tack the edges of the existing asphalt to create a strong adhesive. Finally, we will supply and place the asphalt, compact it, and clean up the remaining debris.

Asphalt Sealing

If existing asphalt is structurally sound, but is showing signs of surface cracking, sealing the asphalt is a solution. It will renew the surface strength and eliminate any opportunity for the usual Alberta freeze-thaw cycle to penetrate beneath the surface and cause further cracking to other existing asphalt.

Speed Bump Development

We will construct in-place speed bumps to meet any specifications.

Trench Development

Have you recently installed underground utilities? Is the absence of asphalt bothering you? Contact us today to have your trench paved and tied into the existing surface.


We cover all needs for asphalt, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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