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There are four divisions that fall under the Earthworks category at Park-Aid: Cement Stabilization, Excavation, Gravel, and Subgrade. We do not perform any work without line locates and exposing gas and power lines.

Cement Stabilization

Civil construction has progressed. As a result, cement stabilization has become a popular option to consumers looking to add strength to existing subgrade. We are fully equipped with cement spreader trucks, water trucks, mixers, compactors, and graders to strengthen the subgrade and create a strong base for asphalt and/or gravel. From pre-pulverizing existing asphalt, to stabilizing engineered fill, Park-Aid’s Stabilization Division provides a clean, effective, and practical method to alter subgrade characteristics. By testing the subgrade and examining the existing aggregate, we will design the proper cement application rate.


Another roadbuilding option is to excavate existing material and import new material. While this is a more expensive option, it yields the best results. We have everything from small and large excavators to dozers and pad foot rollers, which assist us in the completion of excavation work. With large trucking power at our disposal, we excavate the quantities required in order to meet strict time limits.


With skid steers, rollers, graders, loaders, water trucks, and dozers, we will surpass your expectations for gravel work. To offer extra strength, we provide a variety of geotextiles to lay between the subgrade and gravel. Because there are various types of gravel, it is imperative to choose a crew that understands the aggregate they are working with. From 20 mm road crush to 63 mm and soil cement, Park-Aid’s Gravel Division will leave you with the best gravel product possible.


A good base cannot be built on a poor sub-base. Whether you choose to scarify the subgrade, use geotextiles, import engineered fill,  cement stabilize, or use a combination of these methods, there are numerous options to enhance poor subgrade.


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